Insurance Agent

Local Ad Guru has been a fantastic add on for our sales team. Being able to buy leads at such a low cost, and knowing what our price will be upfront makes it so easy.

Mortgage Broker

I buy all of my leads from Local Ad Guru for my sales team. They are not all perfect leads, and we have to handle them like cold calls since they don’t know who we are, but once we adjusted our scripts for this with their help, we are closing 15% to 25% consistently.

Web Designer

Getting quality web design leads is hard. Local Ad Guru has worked with me to change the way I sell and help me double my business in 90 days.

Auto Dealership

When it comes to leads, I have purchased a ton in my day, and most are CRAP. I was shocked at how Local Ad Guru does it, if there is an issue with a lead they replace it no questions asked. They invest into their customers to help them with their sales scripts and understand if it works we will buy more.

Merchant Services

I have been working with Rob with Local Ad Guru for 3 months with my merchant service business and have averaged a closing rate of 30% each month. I highly recommend them for any business that needs leads.

Auto Insurance

My insurance sales team has never been happier since we started working with Local Ad Guru. It took us a few weeks to get scripts right using their generic leads, but they worked with us every part of the way. My sales team loves not having to prospect or call on cold call lists anymore and more importantly, they are working exclusive leads and not having to fight other insurance companies that got sold the same lead.

Web Designer

As a one-person band web design shop; I would spend my time finding new business and then would work on that project and be stuck back to trying to hustle to find another design to feed my family. Then I found Local Ad Guru. They helped me with how to better structure my time, how to handle my sales process, and how to automate the process. I now have more work then I know what to do with and have had to hire 3 more designers.

Insurance Agent

We have aggressive sales goals every quarter. Local Ad Guru helps us beat them, time and time again.

Real Estate Agent

Human Data Scientists + Sales Software + ME NOT HAVING TO LEARN ANYTHING = Game-Changing. Work with these guys if you want to close BIG deals.

Real Estate Agent

Local Ad Guru is incredible. Within two weeks of using it, I closed a $1,500,000 deal…our largest yet. If you aren’t using Local Ad Guru , you need to start today.


I make hundreds of calls a week. I work with Local Ad Guru because I want to make each and every one of them count, and dominate my sales quota every year. It’s that simple.

Mortgage Broker

Amazing service. This solves my biggest problem of how to move quickly AND still have highly relevant and contextual information to engage my prospects and customers. I highly recommend using Local Ad Guru.

Sales Consultant

Local Ad Guru is the prime tool in the “toolbox” for anyone in sales or needing information for qualified, warm prospects. It makes a cold call into a warm conversation by providing information for having a high level, in-depth conversation at all stages of contact with the researched individual.