Exclusive Leads For

That Will Your Business​

Upfront Pricing Of $20 Per Exclusive Lead

All Leads Are Backed By A Free Replacement Guarantee!

Sales Solves All And, It All Starts With A Lead

We provide high quality leads for business owners, sales teams, and sales professionals across over roughly 100 niches.

Verification Process

We have a team that verifies every lead by hand, and if they don’t meet our standards, they get tossed back into the pond and reran through the filter. If one slips through we replace it if it doesn’t meet our standards.

Where We
Get Our Leads

Our generic warm leads come from our landing pages, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Sales Funnels, SEO, third party networks and so on. They are exclusive for you but they won’t know anything about your company. They provide us with their name, phone, email, budget and project details (if applicable).